We would like to give special THANKS to the Mansfield Police Department!
They have been a tremendous help to us, with moving over sized loads through the city of Mansfield. Many of their officers do a wonderful job, with getting traffic over, and clearing the roads for the escorts and big loads coming through.

We want to say Thank you to Don English the Chief of Police, for allowing his officers to help with the traffic control!
Also Thanks to the lady in dispatch, that takes our calls every time we call in for officer help!

If more city police would help this way, then the oversized loads would not hold up traffic as much in cities, causing unnecessary traffic jams. Mansfield City Police are very nice, and very informative when it comes to dealing with oversized loads and pilot cars. All the officers have been helpful, but we give special thanks to Officer Psycho, Radar, Mp12, Mp10, Mp7, Mp15, for being there when we need them, and going above and beyond the call of duty to help us! There are other officers that have also done us just as great of a service by helping us, but we don’t know their CB handles or officer numbers.
We hope that they continue to do such a wonderful job, and help all the oversized loads that travel through Mansfield.