About Us

Being based in the North West Corner of Louisiana, we are able to help get most loads across the Texas/ Louisiana/Arkansas state lines in a timely manner.

We are also close enough to travel to most areas, such as Houston & Dallas Texas, Little Rock Arkansas, Baton Rouge & New Orleans Louisiana,Vicksburg & Jackson Mississippi within a matter of hours.

We take pride in our job and in our work and will only send out Experienced, Dependable, Certified and commercially
Insured Escorts!  Our main goal is safety, of the load, and safety for the general public.
To make them aware of the load, and to keep the flow of traffic moving, while getting the load to its destination.
Our customers needs come first!

We have a face book group called Respect our Amber Lights. Where we share ideas and different stories to help others see what can be done in their area of the world to bring about more respect for our industry. We work with many escorts around the country trying to bring more respect for the Amber lights to help the escort and oversize load industry.
Truck is equipped with:
1 Million Liability Insurance
1 Million General Liability Insurance
Height Pole for loads taller than legal limits
Height Stick to Measure Loads Heights
2 Way CB Radio
2 Hand held CB Radio
Maps, Oversize load book
for curfews Truck Stop Book
Flares, Cones/ Triangles, Hard Hats, Safety Vest-Orange
Red Flags and Fire Extinguishers
“Oversized Load” banners
Overhead Sign Stop/Slow Paddles “18”inch and “24” inch
Straps & Tie downs
GPS – to find motels, truck stops, roads and any other place that is needed on the trip, including emergency numbers.

We have two certified P/EVO drivers in one truck, just in case the need to flag an extra corner arises or if we have to steer a super load around the corner.

We have a C.D.L. licensed driver with full medical for steering or tiller man, with steering experience including snobbles & blades. We are certified already with most companies. We also keep our vehicle well maintained.